Rocket Penguins

Rocket Penguins is a collection of 10,000 unique 3D NFTs with proof of ownership, stored on the Elrond blockchain. Our goal is to give value to this collection, reward our holders, build a strong community of animal lovers who will help us protect and save the animals around the world and put the project decisions in the community hands by creating our DAO.

From the moment the collection is launched 20% of each minting goes towards an LKMEX farm and the reward generated will be sent to a lucky holder each week.

Holder Benefits

1. The power of decision through our DAO

Each holder will have the voting power and can be able to decide and make proposals. Through DAO they will have an important role over the future of the project.

2. Rewards for our holders

The reward generated from our LKMEX farm will be sent as a prize to a lucky holder. All holders are eligible for our weekly lottery prize.

3. New airdrops for 2022

On our community channel we will announce several snapshot days and those who will hold a Rocket Penguin NFT at that time will be eligible for a surprise penguin NFT drop.

4. New collection discount

Our first holders, those who minted will be automatically whitelisted and can buy our further NFT collection at a special price, before any announced presale.

Road Map

Phase I

  • Team building
  • Establish the main concept
  • Start working on Rocket Penguins NFT collection

Phase II

  • Building or website
  • Open Discord channel for our community members
  • Launch social media accounts
  • Start the marketing campaign
  • Reward the first community members with the first Giveaway as Rocket Penguins NFT airdrop
  • Launch the collection


  • Increase the staff team
  • Grow our community using multi-channel marketing
  • Announce our sale session
  • Reward our first holders


  • Increase the staff team
  • Website update
  • Create our Rocket Penguins DAO
  • First decision taken by holders through DAO
  • Reward our holders
  • Network with other NFT projects to increase visibility

Phase V

  • TBA


There will be 10.000 Rocket Penguins NFTs and it will be available to mint in two sale sessions.

Phase 1 – 5000 NFTs
Phase 2 – 5000 NFTs

The team will not be keeping any NFTs, we get the same chances as the community and we will be minting alongside everyone else on launch day.

The royalties of the collection are set to 10% and they will be used for for marketing purposes, giveaways and LKMEX farm boost.

Yes, 20% from the amount that is generated from minting will be constantly added to a LKMEX farm and the reward will be sent to a lucky holder each week. 

The NFT’s will be send directly to the wallets.

We have two sale sessions and one airdrop for community members.

  • Airdrop: Available for our community of penguins based on their activity on our social channels
  • Phase 1: Available for anyone on the Elrond Network
  • Phase 2: Available for anyone on the Elrond Network

Please join all of our social channels to stay updated with the latest info.

Phase 1: 0.10 EGLD 

Phase 2: Price will be announced on our community channels and it will be established based on the market situation in that moment.

Our beloved penguins are available for minting on XOXNO Marketplace: Click Here

You can login on Trust Market with Maiar, Elrond Web Wallet, Ledger.

Yes, and you can view them by clicking here.

DAO stands for Decentralized Autonomous Organization. Having a DAO our Rocket Penguins NFT holders can vote and make decisions, proposals, etc. The Rocket Penguins NFT project will be in the hands of the community.

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